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What if I told you that all my recovery learnings around mental health were kept in one little book? Would you want a copy of it? What if you knew it has been written in a way that is real, raw and readable and you could churn through the content in just a few hours? Would a book that gave a candid snapshot into my mind interest you?

Ok then… 

*Hocus pocus, the cauldron will stir, magic me up something for him and for her….*


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Allow me to introduce you to the aptly named non-fiction narrative book I wrote on my mental health journey that spans a journey that saw me go guess how far?!

You can buy a copy of ‘A Very Long Way’ here.

This book was written with you in mind. I wished that when I was in the early stages of recovery, I had a story that talked about upcoming challenges, what to expect, anticipated learnings and ultimately gifted me a sense of hope during an arduous recovery journey. 

SO I wrote it, FOR ALL OF YOU!!!

And, not only did I write and publish it – each copy I sell raises royalty revenue for suicide prevention as I have in place a fundraising agreement with one of Australia’s leading mental health charities- Black Dog Institute. 

The book is my proof that I keep it real in my storytelling and am not afraid to boldly tell it like it is. 

I hear you wondering, will I *actually* read this if I buy it?

Yes, yes you will. Because it’s a short three hour read and if you’re not big on reading it comes in audio so my star narrator can actually read it for you. And let me tell you her voice and expression puts angels to shame. 

Believe me when I say you are ready to read this. It will make a difference and entertain at the least. You will feel more understood and human for having heard the story of someone else who has come back from the brink. And my rising from the darkness will also offer you a glimmer of hope for you, your loved ones and anyone else you care to share my words with. 

One of the key lessons I learned over the course of my recovery can be applied to any manner of adversities that may befall us as humans-

‘Rock bottom is a fine and solid foundation upon which one can rebuild their life.’

It’s a message worth spreading and my life personifies it’s truth. 

I’m sure. I’m ready. Take my money, you say?! Ok, God love ya. Grab a copy here

Not convinced yet?

I believe that if you found your way here, have taken the time to read these words you are more than ready to commit to reading this book. I’ve made it affordable (the kindle version is less than most coffees!) and the only query you should be left with is ‘can I afford NOT to invest?’ To which the answer is of course, no. NO, you cannot. 

I’ve also written the book in a personable way as though I’m telling the story over the aforementioned coffee but you don’t have to even buy me a toastie for lunch to pick my brain and wealth of lived experience knowledge. 


Alas, don’t take my word for it – take into consideration some of these five star reviews about my words taken directly from Goodreads.


Apr 23, 2022 Diana rated it it was amazing  ·  

Wow, there was so much I could relate to in this book. As an adult living with schizophrenia I truly appreciated the honesty and integrity of this first person narrative. A quick read but very important. 

Literary Reviewer

Nov 17, 2021 Literary Reviewer rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition 

A Very Long Way by Naomi Fryers tells the fascinating true story of her complex, challenging and sometimes humorous journey through life. She tells us of her life from grade ten onwards and it is so full of big impacting life situations that readers will be left shocked more often than not.

This emotionally-resonant memoir includes many situations that young adults and new adults face in society. This helps the reader relate to the author among the partying and heartbreak, and even death, that fills this story.

Naomi Fryers is observant and her quality writing ensures readers get a clear picture of the story that is unfolding. Set in the semi-urban town of Epping, Victoria, this enthralling memoir tells a poignant coming of age story of a girl into a woman amidst the myriad of struggles that life presents. She is hit by many hard and hurtful things that I was personally able to relate to. That is the one thing this book does so beautifully, it makes readers relate and feel connected.

The fact that this book includes mental health awareness is something that I greatly appreciated because I feel that this is an essential aspect that is ignored today. Yet, Naomi narrates her life perfectly with no filler narration and explicitly tells us she was depressed, suicidal, and so hurt with life.

The author’s fierce will to express herself while holding nothing back takes readers on a very deep exploration of character, much deeper and more candid than I was expecting, but appreciated. And because of this we get a better understanding of mental health.

She is a resilient spirit with words that leave an impact. Naomi Freyer’s detailed and in-depth explanation of every emotion and scene is terrific, coupled with riveting storytelling skills readers will surely be glued to the pages.

A Very Long Way is a short but potent memoir that explores mental health issues, relationship, and so much more. This is a stirring and well crafted-story that will stay with you long after you’ve put the book down. 

I even won two awards for this book.

I set out to make a difference with my words and against the odds I did the thing. I wrote the book. I published it and I’m serving it up with pride. 

Now it’s your turn. Together we can go A Very Long Way.

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