The Down-Low

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I, Naomi Fryers am NOT afraid to tell it like it is.

Born for writing and brazen storytelling, I can tell a yarn that will stay with an audience through the ages. My candid and occasionally ‘choice’ brazen words have been spewed out in the back of a divisional van mid-nervous- breakdown much to everyone’s horror. BUT the more eloquent and refined ones have also graced the TedX stage, pages of The Huffington Post, Women’s Agenda and the Elephant Journal homepage. They also made up my book ‘A Very Long Way’ which became an Amazon best-seller even prior to it’s official launch. 

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As a writer, author, storyteller, mental health advocate and occasionally a self -proclaimed ratbag, my back-story is one of  authentic grit, determination and holy shit- did that really happen?! (To which the answer is, yes!)

If you are curious about my mental health journey you can grab a copy of my debut non-fiction book ‘A Very Long Way’ on Audible here.

A recovery expert by virtue of lived experience, I specialise in writing about mental health. Although I’ve been known to turn my hand to any manner of topics for cash-ish. 

I write everything from feature articles to opinion editorials, satire and have on occasions even turned my hand to poetry. 

If you’d like to discuss a writing project with me, please fill out the information on my contact page and I’ll be sure to answer your enquiry promptly. Don’t forget to subscribe to my site while you are at it. 

My backstory is also available on kindle here

Literary Titan gave it a five star review and described it as a “real, raw and impactful coming of age story.”

Other words of mine have been described by readers as “brilliant”, “sobering”, “heartfelt” and “salt of the earth.”

My promise to you is content curated with authenticity. Make no mistake there’s no micing of words around here. My promise is words that are concise, entertaining and rich in cultural capital. My unique style is exactly why I’ve been featured in so many iconic publications including Yahoo Lifestyle!, Kidspot, The Latch, SheSaid, Eureka Street, Independent Australia and Medium. I also successfully navigated a tenure as editor of The Good Men Project off a second hand hp latptop which cost $199 and had wifi tethered via my mobile phone but that is a whole other story. 

Having recently presented at this year’s Emerging Writer’s Festival I am currently working on a performance piece to showcase at Trades Hall during the Fringe Festival in October. 

So let me know if your freelance project or vision needs injecting with a breath of fresh air. 

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