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To discover the unbelievable power in storytelling, you’d think I would need a Masters’ degree or a PhD. Instead, I had a couple of complete nervous breakdowns.

It was during my long, arduous mental health recovery journeys that I rediscovered my own unique of sense of self expression, reclaiming my voice and then my humour. 

I found the means and platforms to share parts of my own journey and wrote a book including my recovery learnings with the aim of giving others hope. Reframing my lived experienced was cathartic. It helped me to heal, take ownership of the narrative and ultimately reclaim my life. 

So began a mission to curate transformative pieces of writing and bold stories, with an end goal of delivering entertaining, diverse and occasionally colourful descriptives- into the arts sector, literary space and publishing spheres. 

I firmly believe that everyone deserves to be heard. I also believe in the value of real-life experience and that adversity can give us an education that money can’t buy. I also understand that women, people with disabilities and those from minority groups wanting to share their stories- should have their voices elevated and championed.

I want to hold the microphone and amplify the courageous, diverse stories that add to the social fabric and rich cultural capital of society. This is because I know first-hand that individual empowerment through sharing can positively impact and inspire entire communities and demographics. 

BUT also….

Stories worth writing, sharing (and publishing!) do not necessarily always belong to those best equipped to bring them to life. And that is where I would love to be of service- by bringing to life, stories that matter.  

So, what is the one story inside *you* yearning to be told to a global audience? 

While my mission started with my own story it taught me the importance of storytelling as a tool. In late 2021 I took to the TedX stage to talk about the power of storytelling for mental health in front of a global forum.  

You can view my TedX Talk here: 

Having penned my story in book form, curated it and nurtured it, I lovingly published it after receiving government funding for its promotion. My debut non-fiction narrative ‘A Very Long Way’ received a Literary Titan award, a silver award in the MMH Press Memoir category and became an Amazon best-seller prior to its official launch in Australia.

It is now widely available and I welcome you to purchase a copy of the audio version

If on the other hand, you are ready to share your own story and have it artfully curated please reach out to me about the opportunity to work together. 

I know how to bring words to life and have been published by many celebrated publications including Huffington Post, Women’s Agenda, Yahoo Lifestyle! and Elephant Journal. I have received several scholarships for my writing, undertaken a residency, internship and won government grants by competitive tender for my work. I specialise in non-fiction stories. I love writing feature articles and opinion editorials, particularly pieces with a mental health focus. You can even commission me to write one for you!

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I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Monash University and am undertaking a Postgraduate Qualification in Journalism. I also have an honorary PhD in recovery from the metaphorical school of Lived Experience having attended semi-remotely. 😉

My biggest claim to fame is that I once won a blogging competition where the prize was a mug that said, “I’m kind of a big deal on the internet!” Unfortunately it arrived with the handle broken and that was somehow the perfect metaphor for my life. 

If you’d like to contact me about your story please reach out via the contact page. It may cost you in Australian dollars but it will enrich you with cultural capital to ensure a lasting legacy in print. Which really begs the question, can you afford not to share?

    If you’re feeling the pull but not quite ready to pull the grown up pants on entirely, (let’s face it… we’ve all been there)… but are curious, voyeuristic and / or intrigued by a good yarn, you are more than welcome to subscribe to my email newsletter. I’d love to stay connected. And there is literally no point in you dying with an untold story AND FOMO!

    Affiliate Disclaimer: I’m proud to be a CCC Alumni and affiliate partner of the Crisp Copy Class. I feel like we all know how affiliates work these days, but basically, if you join the CCC I may receive a commission. Which is brilliant!

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